oh my gosh – nip/tuck rocked!

oh my word! nip/tuck completely rocked tonight! who else was watching? don’t you agree that tonight’s episode was amazing? i adored the return of ‘mrs. grubman’ played by ruth williamson who made her last plastic surgery hurrah! she was a character who first appeared on season two and was this total pain in the ass patient (with loads of money) who was basically addicted to having some (ok a lot) of work done! she turned up tonight in season four (episode #8) with a case of terminal lung cancer and wanted ‘dr. troy’ (incredibly sexy aussie julian macmahon) to perform a bunch of surgeries on her when she kicked the bucket – which she did and the scene where the doctors performed the ‘final’ surgeries…there was mrs. grubman singing (her hidden dream revealed tonight) alongside her dead body – accompanied by burt bacharach (in a small guest appearance) you simply cannot get better (cable) TV than that! creator ryan murphy is brilliant!

plus we had the whole flashback story with ‘dr. sean’ (played by dylan walsh) about his childhood experience having a harelip which was fixed with surgery when he was eight…it certainly explained a lot of his behavior including him being adamant about his son conor having his fingers fixed – which appeared to go ok – that operatiion scene was intercut with sean’s childhood surgery set to the tune of george michael‘s song jesus to a child! if your a fan of the show you must agree with me that tonight totally kicked ass!

finally as an added bonus we had that crazy sexual tension (that you could cut with a knife) between ‘julia’ (played by the incredible joely richardson) and the little nanny ‘marlo sawyer’ (the adorable peter dinklage) they actually kissed tonight – i knew this was going to happen! i can’t wait to see how this season plays out – the first three episodes were okay but upon the 4th show – things got kicked into high gear and tonight was full speed ahead! ok if your not watching nip/tuck you must be like what the fuck is popbytes talking about – but damn if your watching the show…you totally get me! (at least i hope you do) popbytes over & out for tonight – i’ll check y’all in the morning…xxoo!

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