oh my gosh! popbytes turns three!

well hello hello hello! yes it’s true – three years ago today was my very first (kinda weak) post here on popbytes! it still amazes me that my site has grown from just a small simple idea (i never once said i’m gonna start a ‘blog’) to share some thoughts on entertainment & gossip to the blog it actually is today (and thank heavens it’s still growing…) popbytes keeps me busier & zanier than ever (between the site, the regular job, and my freelance design stuff – i pull in like 80-90 hours a week!) i’ve learned so much over the past few years – the best thing was getting over my major insecurity when it came to writing almost anything (oh man i wish i’d been blogging in college) i know my writing isn’t ‘perfect’ or the most witty but it is what it is – and i like to think it goes with the vibe & style of popbytes and i do get my points across – i hope with a drop of humor & warmth! although being a blogger i swear is like being back in high school sometimes…it’s so like that…but that only helps to keep me on my toes!

i know there are about a gazillion other great blogs out there so many heartfelt thanks to those who do come by and read (and perhaps even appreciate) my crap! keeping things running at full steam is sometimes stressful but i wouldn’t have it any other way – even if there was only one person reading what i write – i’d be happy! last night i was trying to come up with a clever graphic and i ended up spending way too much time going through old posts and making the collage you see below…a super random sampling of the last three years! rock & blog on – much love to all as always (especially my blog allies – you guys know who you are!) and oh yes MK is up for another three years of pop times – both the good & the bad! gosh in the end – i can’t help but wonder what britney spears will be up to in three years?!?

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MK (Michael Knudsen) first started PopBytes back in September of 2003—while trying to make a website for his design portfolio, the site quickly turned into one of the premiere online destinations for all things pop culture! A native New Yorker, he currently resides in Los Angeles with his partner Ivan along with four dogs, four cats and two parrots. Follow him on Twitter @PopBytes.