Oh that Cheyenne Jackson – so darn cute!

Hottie Cheyenne Jackson is gracing the latest issue of Out magazine, he’s probably best know for his roles on Broadway but you might have seen him on 30 Rock or Ugly Betty (I miss that show!) and now he’s on Glee – playing the recurring character ‘Dustin Goolsby’ who is taking over for ‘Shelby Cocoran’ (Idina Menzel) as the new coach of ‘Vocal Adrenaline’! Plus he’s going to be on the upcoming 8th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mr. Jackson is quite busy these days! He’s so delicious looking and super talented, I don’t mind seeing more of him at all! (If you really want to see MORE of him, there’s always that naked picture (NSFW) which floated around the web but it was never confirmed to be real or even him!)

On his Wonder Woman Fetish:

Even from a distance of 25 years, the memory of his weekly Lynda Carter fix gives Jackson goosebumps. A few years ago, his father found an old woodburning art kit of the kind once popular among boy scouts. The idea was to use a woodburning pen to etch around a suitably masculine image on a piece of wood, in this case a muscle car. Jackson, however, must have lost interest part way through. “It was as if I started it and was, like, ‘Eh, I don’t want to do that.’ And then I turn it over, and on the other side, I’d freehanded a portrait of Wonder Woman. Not only that, I’d added watercolors. I had her blue undies and her red thing. I just thought that was a perfect encapsulation of me as a child.”

On his relationship with his partner:

A few months after that birthday dinner, Jackson and his partner of more than 10 years, Monte Lapka, walked into New York’s City Hall and registered as domestic partners. “We wanted to get as married as we could,” says Jackson. “I think we were filling in some forms for wills or insurance, and I just thought, Let’s just make this as legal as we can. It was with a bunch of Russian mail order brides, literally. And it was hilarious and it was romantic, just he and me, our little secret.” Although Lapka, a trained physicist, is apparently ambivalent about marriage proper, his status on Jackson’s Wikipedia page is already listed as “spouse.” The boy of 18 who had never said “I’m gay” has come a long way.

On learning to own his own space from an acting coach:

“He immediately just broke down my façade — all my bullshit — and challenged me to own my own space,” recalls Jackson. The coach took him to Ninth Avenue in Manhattan, pointed down the busy sidewalk, and commanded him to walk right down the center, not bobbing or weaving as Jackson would ordinarily do. “They’ll move for you,” he told the hesitant actor. “It was very hard,” recalls Jackson. “People were like, ‘Asshole, I’m holding groceries here, what the fuck,’ but I did it. I learned to hold my own space.” He smiles. “That’s when things really started happening.”

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