oh it was grand watching the whole 10.5 thing go down on nbc – luckily those of us livig in so cal have until tomorrow night at nine to escape ‘
the big one’ – screw the big one – lets talk about the ‘hot one’ – the area broke 19 records for highs all over – that sun just bakes you! and those pesky brush fires have already started causing trouble in the hills – i dont even have it in me to get all chatty cathy right now – snl was great last night – and i actually really enjoyed usher’s performances – next week its avril lavigne as musical guest – i forget now who is the host…anyway much to catch up on this coming week – i actually enjoy posting more during the week than the weekends – i have alias and the practice to catch up on – and yes bobby o’donnell is back for the last two episodes of the series – we love dylan mcdermott – i wonder if anyone else is back from the old gang – so i will look for you all tomorrow night! and i will try to catch everyone up on the latest rundown of reality shows that are coming very shortly – including the return of last comic standing and who wants to marry my dad?!

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