oh those houses of wax!

well hello hello hello – it’s friday! i just got back from the grocery store – i am settling into some nice red wine (australian shiraz) – and supernanny over on ABC plus i am looking forward to the new madonna documentary i’m gonna tell you a secret which premieres tonight over on MTV…

so last weekend i screened the re-make of scary flick house of wax – the dvd lands in stores on the 25th – overall it was just ok – for one thing it was a bit long – and took a bit of time to get started – but once it did the movie was able to hold my attention – i enjoyed the whole set-up of this town made up of wax & gazing at super hottie star (& recently divorced…) chad michael murray made the trip to waxville all the worthwhile plus seeing paris hilton get whacked in the film was great – if you like scary movies – it’s worth at least a home viewing…

i always found wax museums to be a bit creepy – but the creepiest one by far is located in historic deadwood in the black hills of south dakota (where wild bill hickok and calamity jane are buried) – i went when i was a kid – and let me tell you how eerie it was – first off – it was just my folks, my younger brother and i – this homely girl led us down into the basement(!?!) – and it was dark, damp & dank and smelled super musty (oh that mold!) – ‘ms. homely’ had a tape recorder with her – and as we walked by each scene o’ wax – she would play some commentary that was supposed to be the wax people talking and telling the history of deadwood – half of the costumes were fussed with – wigs were misplaced a bit – and the dust was quite prevalent – i just remember my mom giving me looks like she wanted to make a run for it before they made us into half-assed wax figures – trust me it was a weird scene! so if you ever happen to be in deadwood (info is below) – stop by (if you dare) and tell ’em popbytes sent ya – it was no madame tussauds that’s for sure…

anyways popbytes out for now – yeah i will be around this weekend and try to dig up something good – i like to be random & keep it fresh to make sure you all come back for more of helpings of popbytes – much love to all as always – xxoo


12 Lee Street, Deadwood, SD

Over 50 life-sized famous personalities surrounded by historic settings and authentic costumes tell the realistic and thrilling stories of Deadwood’s rowdy days.

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