oh those simpson sisters…

hey everybody! i was thinking today it had been a while since i did a post on those simpson sisters jessica & ashlee (both are very guilty pleasures) so for those of you who actually care – read on!

jessica has a birthday coming up (she’ll turn 27 on july 10th) and she was just immortalized in wax (pictured below) by madame tussauds to be placed in club MTNY‘s ‘vip room’ over in NYC! ms. simpson (single since may) has been actually looking pretty decent these days – having lost a few pounds (i bet touring around on a stinky bus with john mayer made her get plumpy) she’s still carrying on with many products – with a bikini line, a fragrance & possibly a lingerie line in the works – in addition to her ‘blossoming’ skincare, hair extensions, and clothing ventures! (i wonder if her music career is dead in the water?)

one thing not going so well for her right now…her attempt at a successful movie career! jessica’s upcoming new movie blonde ambition was slated for an early august release but has been pushed back – apparently papa joe simpson (who is a producer on the film) is worried about competition from ‘stronger’ films – in other words – her new film sucks ass (you can tell just by watching the trailer – also read my post from when i first heard about her new film)

over to her sister ashlee who has kept a semi-low profile lately – usually every picture i see of her she’s with her hottie boyfriend pete wentz (although that could be over too – there are mixed signals from both camps whether they’re on or off – who can keep track?) and word is she’s working on her third album – i wonder what ‘sound’ she’ll try and attempt this time around? (we’ll know sometime late this year or early 2008) she has been reported to be working with many producers including timbaland & sean garrett amongst others including robert smith of the cure – gosh what an odd combination!

in the meantime she’s still hawking skechers – below is a new ad for the most horrible young girl shoes (the ‘cali gear’ line) that i’ve seen in a while – i wonder when ashlee’s contract is over for posing in terrible shoe ads? (we first saw her for skechers back in november) anyways that’s the update in a nutshell – i’m sure i’ve missed a few points but i think i covered a lot of ground! right now i’m relaxing and trying to stay cool – it has been so damn hot here – and it’s only going to get hotter! this year is the driest in los angeles history – we’ve only had 2.3 inches of rain all year long! the other day when i changed the oil on my car they tried to get me to buy new windshield wipers – i was like um no thanks! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


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