oh those VMA 2006 performances…

hey kids! of course i’m watching MTV’s VMAs which just started here in los angeles – i hate that damn west coast delay! i’m going to update throughout the evening – i’m not calling it ‘live blogging’ so there is no pressure…i’ll be adding in pics as well – i doubt any of the performances would be on youtube yet but i will be checking…let’s get to the opening…oh btw many thanks to the awesome SVZ from gossip rocks for keeping up an awesome up-to-date site (this guy works it) and helping me to organize the pics below so quickly!


wow! my boy worked it tonight – i loved the beginning with him doing all those moonwalk/michael jackson type moves – he sounded great – he was beyond adorable – and i actually really enjoyed hearing him sing sexyback without all the vocal tweak outs – and of course timbaland was there adding his own hot thing – awesome way to kick-off the show – i couldn’t help but think of kevin federline‘s awful performance compared to JT’s brilliance – britney spears must be thinking what the hell she get herself into…or out of!


i want to have her body! the way she shakes & shimmys her ass – everyone should aspire to move like this sexy lady – props to her for singing obviously very live – she was for sure off in a few bits but she’s the real deal – and mr. wyclef was working it hard too! oh shakira those hips would never lie to us…i still think the video is on the weak side for this song – most of the times it’s more about the song than the video with these awards…


thoughts coming soon – popbytes needs to eat :) – ok i’m back – she rocked her ass off! y’all know by now i’m a huge fan of ms. knowles and she really had to bring it tonight (to hush down all the haters) – and she brought it hard – beyonce nailed it! the dancing was super fierce – that bit when she and her dancers all leaned back – damn! the song worked well live plus she shook it up a bit – adding some signature touches plus she sounded superb! although her upcoming album bday is just ok (that’s another whole post) i adore ring the alarm and my gal b did me proud tonight! i don’t care what anyone else thinks – she did her thing!


her voice was impeccable & beautifully haunting tonight – i think her choice of hurt for the second single from back to basics is really smart – i’m still digging her whole throwback thing and that girl has so got an amazing set of pipes on her – what a great showcase tonight for her – especially after being denied a VMA this evening…

i guess that’s it for performances – i really only was looking forward to the above four and each did their thing – shakira was a drop weak tonight but justin, beyonce, and christina were all at the top of their game!


lighters up for lil’ kim! loved seeing her at the show! so glad to see her out of prison – she needs to hit the treadmill for a bit though but y’all know she is one of my top people – she is the queen bee for sure!

kelly clarkson – although i like her – did she really need to win ‘best female video’? over madonna and xtina? please – what a fucking joke – sorry kelly…plus she wasn’t even there?!?

jessica simpson is the biggest dork on the planet – and damn that dress was so short (and way tacky) she was like a two bit hooker guffawing her way through giving those PCD their award – again madonna was robbed…

once paris hilton walked out in that awful white number – i realized that the protruding side walkway looked like a big penis…why didn’t she perform tonight? hmmm – this would have been the perfect place to see her sing her songs live…

some of these bands i’m not so into – i can’t really say much about all-american rejects except the lead singer is a cutie pie but it’s just not my type of music…same goes for the sounds of my chemical romance

oh i love pink – i’m glad she won! her album i’m not dead rocks – i wish it was getting more airplay though – there are a lot of great single potentials on that disc…and of course i have a major crush on her tattooed hubby carey hart – such a hottie!

sarah silverman is way cool and so fucking funny – i think her message to paris hilton was one of the better moments of the night – do you think that bit was scripted? it did plug the planned richie/hilton reconciliation over on another viacom owned property – CBS’ late show w/ david letterman – they didn’t cut once to paris or nicole – yes it was a bit awkward…which is such a great part of sarah’s whole comedic vibe…she should host the show next year! jimmy kimmel is a lucky man!

poor amy lee (from evanescence) got stuck with presenting with weirdo (but sometimes hot) jared leto – he was wacky tonight – i much prefer his actor persona better than this mars band thingy – the eyeliner is growing old….

lots of commercials and tie-ins (accuvue, jc penney etc) are filling up a lot of space tonight…the show was also referred to as the biggest night in pop culture – they make themselves oh so important…

panic at the disco – i don’t like them! that i write sings not tragedies is terribly annoying and is played all the time on the radio and their performance tonight was horrible – the lead singer sounded like crap – he should have lip synced – i don’t get what the big deal is over them?

gosh britney spears got such a chilly reception this evening when she was on satellite from california – there were even boos & hisses! oh man that skit she did with hubby kfed was really dumb & lame! but since i still like ms. spears in some small ways i just felt embarassed for her – such a fucking trainwreck – i suggest before we save kat(i)e – we MUST save britney!

i gotta start making this quick – i need to go to bed…jennifer lopez looked like a patient from who knows where with that dumb wrap on her head…video of the year goes to that awful panic from the disco – i love the guy (mtv6000.com) who grabbed the microphone from them and crashed their moment…jack black was boring as main host…overall the best thing tonight was the four performances i mentioned above – everything else grew stale…the hype williams tribute was a bore – and finally the actual ‘awards’ are such a joke – who even decides the winners? who even cares?

oh my word i posted a lot more tonight than i intended to but this was a lot less stressful than those emmys from last weekend…popbytes over & out for tonight – xxoo!




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