oh yes, it’s tranny mcguyver!

good evening everybody! i’m just about to make some homemade asparagus/brocoli soup (i’ve got to post the recipe sometime – it’s so easy & tasty!) but i wanted to make sure to check in with y’all to see how xmas eve is going for everyone else? (and even if you don’t celebrate xmas – it’s just a nice quiet evening all around) i have a bottle of red wine open and for some reason i decided to toss on mariah carey‘s DVD called #1s which features a bunch of her ‘greatest’ videos – say what you want about her (no she’ll never be the prettiest or most fashionable girl in the room) but damn she has had so many great hits and i’m a total fan! sometimes i’m a drop embarrassed to admit that but it’s true and i bet a lot of you also enjoy her as well! i’d imagine that in ’07 we’ll see ms. carey release her follow-up album to the hugely successful & critically acclaimed the emancipation of mimi – she has to make her new album stellar!

and yes mariah sometimes reminds me of a tranny! my buddy willam belli sent me this hysterical short he produced & starred in called tranny mcguyver! perfect entertainment to turn on after a few glasses of egg nog – willam is so talented and a total sweetheart (he even graciously hosted the blogger garage sale back a few months ago) you might remember willam from nip/tuck where in the 3rd season he played the delicious ‘cherry peck’ and series creator ryan murphy totally needs to bring back ms. peck back for the 5th season – it’d be definitely believable for dr. troy & dr. mcnamara to cross paths with ‘her’ again – since after all the drama girlfriend went through she must’ve moved outta miami straight to hollywood…where the 5th season will take place!

anyways check out ‘tranny mcguyver’ below – it’s a hoot! hopefully someone will think to pick this series up – willam is ready to make more! oh my gosh i better get to my soup! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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