ok ’30 rock’ is now my 4th new show!

oh my word – hello? didn’t y’all simply adore the new tina fey sitcom 30 rock? !? i said i’d give it chance and it for sure filled my big expectations! the show stars ms. fey (gosh she’s brilliant and fucking hilarious) along with tracy morgan (an SNL alum), alec baldwin (a host of many SNL shows), and the fabulous jane krakowski (ally mcbeal) plus there’ll be some spots by funny lady rachel dratch (another SNL alum) it was quick & snappy and very quirky – totally my type of show! it centers around a fictional show called ‘the girlie show’ and fey plays head writer ‘liz lemon’ – although it revolves around a live broadcast comedy sketch show – it’s quite different from studio 60 taking itself far less seriously – i’m not a huge sitcom fan but this show is definitely a cut above the rest – 30 minutes of pure TV bliss! (i still stand by all in the family as the best sitcom ever – i don’t think there will ever be a show quite like that) popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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