one day at a time

this is how i live and love my life – one day at a time – i think that’s you can really do – and god i love bonnie franklin – check out all the fun on CBS tonight when the cast reunites!

The ONE DAY AT A TIME REUNION SPECIAL reunites original cast members Bonnie Franklin (Ann Romano,) Valerie Bertinelli (Barbara Cooper,) Mackenzie Phillips (Julie Cooper) and Pat Harrington (Dwayne Schneider) to reminisce about their days together on Norman Lear’s popular, long-running comedy about a single, divorced mother raising two teenage daughters. The cast looks back at their days on the series that mirrored what was happening in society in the 1970s. They discuss the serious issues the show addressed–divorce, teen sex, peer pressure and marriage–as well as the fashion and hairstyles worn at the time and how their on-screen struggles often reflected what was happening in their off-screen lives. Pat Harrington also joins them to talk about how his character protected the three women, his outrageous entrances into the Romano apartment and Schneider’s secret crush on Ann.

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