one last britney mashup – gimme more shoes

good morning everybody! yesterday DJ paul v. asked me if we should do one more mashup featuring britney spears and i said ‘why the hell not?!?’ – even though her messy situation took a turn for the worst this week – i’m still loving her single gimme more – and mashed up with kelly & her now infamous ‘shoes’ – we’ve got one more smokin’ track! we promise next week’s mashup selection will be completely 100% free of ms. spears – so enjoy her for now! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


Well, well, well – hit me Britney…one more time. The kids are gone, that hair needs an overhaul, and seriously — where the hell do we go from here? We’re worried about you. Really! Should you be at Quizno’s, or Fred Segal’s? Titus Jones and Kelly know that when the going gets tough, the rough go shopping. So ‘betch,’ put on some panties and adorn those ex-mommy feet with some glamour. Oh my god…

Listen to Titus Jones – Gimme More Shoes [.mp3 2.8mb]

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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