oprah invites whitney – no rsvp!

ah it’s friday night! so what is popbytes up to at the moment…worrying about whitney houston AGAIN! this week the national enquirer is featuring a story that claims whitney has a brain tumor – yikes! her reps quickly denied the whole thing and are talking about the possibility of a lawsuit (funny how they didn’t deny those cracked den photos…) – my pal tabloid whore covered the tumor rumor (that rhymes!) earlier this week…who knows what is really up with our gal whitney?

certainly not oprah winfrey! tonight ms. houston’s name popped up again when ms. winfrey was interviewed (either on extra or access hollywood…those shows start to blend together for me) for her upcoming (much hawked) legends ball 2006 special airing on ABC this coming monday night – they asked O if whitney had been invited and she said yes…she invited her last year and this year but by the look on her face & overall vibe – she hadn’t received an RSVP for either ball…then they said something about oprah knowing she is ok and oprah was quick to deny that she had any idea how whitney really was!

alas there was someone around claiming that whitney was going to be ok…aunty dionne warwick who thanked the reporter for asking…oh when will this trainwreck finally come to a halt? for now the same old tune of ‘houston we have a problem’ keeps itself in the replay mode – my biggest hope is that whitney will attend oprah’s 2007 legends ball…a boy can dream can’t he? she has a whole year of recovery to get ready! oh whitney we still love you no matter what – girl try to be strong & get better! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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