During the shooting of her show down in Australia, Oprah Winfrey decided to have Hugh Jackman perform a stunt on a zipline because, really, what’s better than a sexy man on a zipline? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. Anyway, there was a slight problem with the stunt and Hugh ended up taking a lighting rig to his beautiful, beautiful face.

Zooming onto the stage on a zip-line, Hugh hit the brakes too late, crashed into a lighting rig and injured his right eye. Oprah broke filming so paramedics could check him out — and he then continued the segment with a bandage under his eye. SEE THE VIDEO

What kinda fuckery is this? Hugh? Injured? Under Oprah’s watch? SHE MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE SHE DESTROYS MORE OF THE WORLD’S SEXINESS. Quick, someone grab Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Craig and Dwayne Johnson and keep them in hiding until we can subdue the mighty Oprah!


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