oprah’s secret weight-loss surgery

hey hey! below you’ll find the latest national enquirer which is featuring oprah winfrey front & center with her supposed weight-loss surgery after gaining 50lbs in five months – which i believe is due to an under performing thyroid gland! i actually have the complete opposite problem – my thyroid gland is over active – hence why i’m on the skinny side – gosh i’d love to gain a few more pounds – maybe oprah & i can switch thyroid glands for a spell! (although i’d much rather switch bank accounts with her!) in other weight related news we got a super skinny joely richardson (‘julia’ from nip/tuck) who actually does look way too thin – especially with the dress exposing her back – not the best choice for a red carpet outing – somebody from her camp should have suggested a different dress! we also got matt lauer‘s wife annette roque who supposedly has dropped 40lbs as her marriage crumbles around her – gosh who wants to eat when there’s drama – certainly not me!

at the top there’s more on that whole david copperfield sex attack scandal – he always totally creeped me out – magicians seem to marching to the beat of a different drummer (like sketchy criss angel) apparently mr. copperfield offered his accuser $2 million bucks to keep her mouth shut (and disappear!) yet i guess that deal didn’t work out too well – i’m sure there’ll be a lot more on this story in the upcoming weeks! last but not least there’s courtney cox arquette who is dealing with ‘menopause agony’ at age 43 – which does sound kinda young but i don’t think it’s all that abnormal for ‘aunt flo’ to cut her visits short? (although it does signal a life change – it must be way easier to not worry about a monthly period – i can’t even begin to imagine dealing with that!) anyways it’s time for me to go deal with the day (at least it’s hump day!) i’ll check you all later! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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