palindromes & sin city

hey hey! ah the weekend is almost over but luckily i was able to catch up on some more DVD viewing since i really have fallen very far behind – so i watched one yesterday & one today – one was awesome – the other kinda weird & uncomfortable – so let’s just start with the weird one and get it out of the way…

palindromes is the fourth movie from writer/director todd solondz – you might remember his first truly kick-ass films welcome to the dollhouse and happiness – his third film storytelling i thought was just plain awful – and now this 4th film redeems him but only slightly – palindromes is the story of a young girl named aviva who desperately wants to have a baby – when she finally gets pregnant – her mom played by ellen barkin basically makes her daughter get an abortion – she then runs aways and encounters many strange characters – the thing that really threw me off in this movie however was the character of aviva was played by 8 very different actresses (one of them being jennifer jason leigh) i was very confused in the beginning but once i realized they were all one & the same character – it did make more sense – but what an odd choice – i mean really eight actors playing one part is so ‘over the top’ – i’m sure there was some deeper meaning (like each actress represented how the character felt in various moments & situations) but i just don’t think it really worked – sorry todd – better luck on your 5th film – if your a fan it is worth checking out but i would hardly recommend this movie to anyone else…

sin city is an awesome adaptation of frank miller‘s comic series – i don’t know why i waited so long to see this movie – i wish i had caught it in theaters – from the moment it started i was mesmerized – i am a really big fan of highly stylized movies – and this one took style to the top – the film just looked so damn good – mainly is done in various shades of black & white but colors do pop up in random places – like a girl’s red lipstick or a yellow sign on the road – the overall look & feel really captured the comic book feel to a tee – and i loved the stories and how they all intertwined! plus the acting really took you back to a sort dames, gents, and bad guys 1940’s kinda time – bruce willis was awesome – and mickey rourke was seriously excellent as a big lug of a thug with a soft heart and of course my sexy brit boy clive owen was hot as ever – even the ladies were hot – including jessica alba, rosario dawson, and brittany murphy – this film i would highly recommend to everyone – kudos to director robert rodriguez – and the always incredible quentin tarantino was given a ‘guest’ director credit – so for sure make sure you take a trip to sin city – i think this is one film i must add to my DVD collection!

anyways i am getting set for this upcoming week – i wonder what pop craziness will ensue this week – i am so sure it will be something – i got a lot of work done behind the scenes here on popbytes and i will tell you some of the latest developments this week! popbytes over & out for now – much love to all as always – xxoo

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