pamela anderson roast!

hey kids! it’s saturday! i had a great day – met up with my new found blog friend who runs tabloid whore – we had breakfast – and a blast – please do visit her blog – it’s great! and tomorrow – i am SO excited to see the roast of pamela anderson over on comedy central – A) because i do like pam – she seems like a swell gal – and there is SO much to make fun which i know host jimmy kimmel will have a ball with & B) – more importantly – my dear courtney love was in attendance – acting all wild and crazy – yet sober? who knows? but thank heavens the internet rumor that floated around on friday that she did herself in is completely false – the lady doth carry on – where would we be without her??? i am always coming to her defense – i know – but i just can’t help myself – i so need to take a meet with her and shake some sense into her! she is talented – anyways popbytes out for now – and do check out the roast tomorrow – i will be back soon (think sunday – think valerie cherish) xxoo

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Wondering what that burning plastic smell is? It’s the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson! Tune in to see Roast Master Jimmy Kimmel and a gaggle of comedians with acid tongues and a twinkle in their eye line up to nail the world’s biggest pin-up to the wall.

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