parco p.i.

well hello hello hello! it’s monday – but it’s almost over so that is key! you might have noticed the large flash banner atop the site – well it’s for this new show coming to court tv very soon on sunday nights – parco p.i. – a new reality show following the life of a private investigator in NYC – it sure does look like a completely zany show – and with real cases – it does look to be really fun – but the really fun part is an online flash game called parco’s watching that was created around the show – i swear i got caught up for like 30 mins playing it – so either click the banner at top or click here – we all so need a little distraction at work during the day – and this foots the bill oh so nicely – rock on – popbytes out for now…xxoo

Follow the Parco�s, a family of New York City private eyes, as they crack cases and expose secrets at their family-run private investigation firm. Patriarch and P.I. Vinny Parco owns Intercontinental Investigations. His team includes his headstrong daughter Danielle, his unruly twin sons Chris and Vinny Jr., and his no-nonsense wife Carol, all of whom spend their days working the phones, their computers and their contacts to help Vinny dig up information for clients. Also helping to track down cheating spouses or corrupt business partners is Vinny’s team of ‘angels.’ They’re always ready to conduct surveillance or collect evidence from all kinds of shady characters. Crashing upscale parties aboard yachts, busting jewel thieves; Vinny will do whatever it takes. It’s not always easy being the First Family of New York private investigators. Real cases. Real fun.

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