Paris Hilton is a ghost now!

Paris Hilton

Just in case you didn’t think the saga of Paris Hilton‘s spiral downward from low-grade fame, cocaine and whoring to … well, lower-grade fame, cocaine and whoring couldn’t get any sadder, she’s now resorted to going onstage at Deadmau5 concerts dressed as Charlie Brown from his It’s the Great Pumpkin days and pretending she’s a ghost. A slutty ghost naturally, because all costumes for women are basically just sluttier versions of things we used to wear as children. Prove me wrong, Internet. Via Zap2It:

Paris Hilton made an appearance at the Deadmau5 show in Las Vegas on Friday (Sept. 2) — or rather Hilton doing her best impression of a ghost. On Sunday, Hilton tweeted the pic below along with this query: “What do you all think of the ghost costume I wore on stage at The @Deadmau5 show?” To which Mil_Angry_Bird replied “confirmed!!!! pretty ghost!!!”

Is it at all possible to catch syphilis from a ghost? Because something tells me you totally can now. All I know is, we need to call the Ghostbusters before this shit gets any worse.

Venkman: Awwww man, I got slimed!
Stantz: No, actually I think that’s trichomoniasis.
Venkman: … Cross the streams?
Stantz: Cross the streams.

Paris Hilton

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