Paris Hilton is a great friend!

Paris Hilton

Sure, Paris Hilton may be a washed-up has-been whose career went from ‘doing nothing’ to ‘somehow doing less than nothing’, but thanks to years of annoyance by her coupled with her own continued need to exemplify the worst aspects of humanity, I keep writing about her. It’s a wonderful thing. Anyway, Paris went to a party with her ‘boyfriend’ DJ Afrojack, and on the way in, basically told all of her friends to screw off because they didn’t have tickets to join her. Page Six reports:

Paris Hilton’s pals were turned away from hot Miami club Mansion, even as her boyfriend, DJ Afrojack, manned the decks. Sources said Paris “rolled up to the door with five cars and dozens of friends who said, ‘We’re with Paris.’ ” The doorman responded, “No ticket, no entry.” She went in without her posse. Paris arrived in full rave attire (bathing suit, sunglasses, a glow stick and pigtails) and brought her own photographer, who snapped as she danced in the DJ booth.

The sad thing is, a couple years ago, the phrase “I’m with Paris” probably would have gotten them in. Now it’s basically synonymous with “we’re vapid and empty, do what we say.” Well, it’s always been synonymous with that, but now it’s just more apparent. And I just love that Paris couldn’t bother bringing her friends in, but she could totally bring her own personal photographer she keeps on hand to maintain the grand illusion that people still want to see her. Amazing!

Paris Hilton

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