Paris Hilton on gays: Most of them probably have AIDS

Paris Hilton

You know, in all this kerfuffle about Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes driving into things that are alive, I almost forgot that Paris Hilton is scum-sucking trash! Well, as a neat little reminder that Paris is a miserable toss-pot who deserves no happiness ever, an alleged recording of her saying that gay guys are disgusting and that most them have AIDS made its way onto the internet, and — Yes. Paris Hilton, in 2012, allegedly said those things. What a precious little snowflake she is. Via RadarOnline

The male friend says: “Say I log into Grindr, someone that’s on Grindr can be in that building and it tells you all the locations of where they are and you can be like, ‘Yo, you wanna f**k?’ and he might be on like, the sixth floor,” the pal says. “Ewww. Eww. To get f**ked? Gay guys are the horniest people in the world,” Paris is heard saying in the exclusive audio in response. “They’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS.” The driver who recorded the conversation told Radar: “I couldn’t believe what was coming out of Paris’ mouth and the way she was talking about gay men.”

You could listen to the whole thing over on Radar, or you could just go off everything you already know about Paris Hilton and just assume that she was being a self-serving, hypocritical bitch. I’d say something like “well, there goes her career!” but to be honest, Paris never had nor will she ever have a career. Because she’s terrible.

Paris Hilton

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