paris hilton out of jail already?!?

ANOTHER UPDATE uh oh for paris – the LA city attorney wants her ass back in jail – there’s a hearing set for tomorrow morning (june 8th @ 9am PDT) do stay tuned (oh the drama of this all!)

UPDATE well ms. hilton was let out of jail – but will now be under house arrest at her digs in west hollywood for the next forty days – apparently she was let out of lockdown because of some undisclosed medical ‘condition’ – hmmm…i wonder what that could be? the sheriff dept’s spokesperson steve whitmore wanted everyone to be clear that she wasn’t let out early but was ‘reassigned’ – sounds like special treatment to me! (read the press release if you care…)

i just woke up and here i am reading what’s going on today – and i saw over on tmz that paris hilton is out of jail! she served three days of her twenty-three day sentence! although i’m not super surprised – i figured she would have done a little more time than three days! there’s supposed to be some press conference with the LA county sheriff – keep your eyes on tmz for the latest! i wonder where she’ll be seen tonight out celebrating her release?!? popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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