paris hilton phonebook!

a cool friend of mine (thanks nathalie!) sent me the link today to the ‘hijacked’ phonebook, mobile photos, and mobile notes of my fave lady heiress paris hilton – of course i heard about it – but hadn’t seen it – and when i laid my eyes upon all 510 contacts – i was instantly mesmerized! i called fred durst, eminem, luke wilson, christina aguilera, and then bijou phillips – most with no luck – except the durst number seemed right – i was obsessed – i couldn’t stop! shame on me – it was such fun to get a glance at paris and her crazy phone book – but i will admit this – all the email addresses – i’m holding onto those – although i have never done an email blast – and intend to at somepoint – i think i shall include the email addresses i discovered – why not? one little email from popbytes won’t hurt – and i’m so sure most of the addresses are now null & void – but oh there is hope to get an email to lindsay lohan or nicole richie – oh the peeping tom came out in me today! shame on me again – anyways more oscar set-up pics on the way – and of course i will do my predictions for the big sunday show – i think i could be dead on with some of ’em! check you all laters…mk xoxo aka popbytes out!

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