Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley got wrecked!

Paris Hilton

Remember that dumbass pink Bentley Paris Hilton got for basically being a useless, vapid bitch? Remember how she paraded it around, completely oblivious to the fact that it more or less represented everything people hated about her? Well, prepare for a little karmic justice: The damn thing just got trashed by someone driving around in one of her other cars. All together now: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sources close to Hilton tell us — the unnamed driver was trying to back the SUV out of Paris’ Hollywood Hills mansion … when they hit P’s pink Bentley, which was parked in front of the home. Total cost for repairs — $5,000.  Checking your rear view mirror — priceless. SOURCE

Just in case it hasn’t been made perfectly clear enough, this is pretty much the greatest thing ever. If it weren’t for the fact that it was intangible and that such a thing was probably illegal, I would literally marry the schadenfreude emanating from this picture. Although next time Paris Hilton wrecks one of her cars, would it kill her to be inside it at the time? … Oh it would? All the better then.

Paris Hilton

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