Paris Hilton ran out of gas AND electricity!

So Paris Hilton was driving along in LA yesterday when her car apparently ran out of fuel and she needed to call a friend for help. One problem with all of this: Paris’ car is a hybrid, which basically means she was dumb enough to run out of two different kinds of fuel.

It’s takes quite a lot of doing to run out of two types of fuel while driving a hybrid vehicle and break down – but Paris Hilton managed it on a trip out in Los Angeles yesterday. The heiress was left stranded at the side of the road when her GMC Yukon hybrid ran out of gas AND electricity – no mean feat in such a car. However, Paris was still cursing her luck, posting on her official Twitter: ‘So brutal, my car ran out of gas, waiting for my girls to come rescue me.’ SOURCE

For those of you keeping score here, that’s Paris Hilton: 0. Basic Logic and Understanding: Lost count somewhere after the 100,000 point mark. The only part of this story I regret is that Paris didn’t run out of gas in front of an oncoming train or at the bottom of a lake. “Hey, why is it all dark and wet down here? Am I trying to get another reality show again?”

PS Notice Brooke Mueller came to her rescue, when did they become BFFs, and why?!


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