Paris Jackson: Hospitalized for alleged suicide attempt

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson

There’s nothing at all light-hearted or funny about this, so let’s just rip this bandage off: Paris Jackson allegedly attempted to commit suicide and has been hospitalized, according to HuffPo

TMZ was first to report that Paris’ hospitalization was due to a possible suicide attempt. Paris’ biological mother, Debbie Rowe, confirmed to ET that Paris had “a lot going on [lately]” and was hospitalized. The shocking news come just hours after Paris posted a series of messages on her Twitter page. A condensed version of her tweets from Tuesday evening, in which Paris writes about crying before quoting lyrics from the Beatles’ song, “Yesterday,” is presented below.

Yeesh, poor girl … honestly, we’re hoping she gets better, because she really does seem like a sweet kid who go thrown into a really turbulent situation. In the meantime, everyone just lay off her and maybe send her some words of encouragement on Twitter. It’s hard enough being a teenager, but when you have to deal with the stuff she’s been through on a global stage, you have to be a helluva lot stronger than most people will ever have to be.

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