paris, lindsay, & harry – drama!

oh that lindsay lohan is down on her luck these days…all her injuries (i think it’s like six hospital runs in a year – that’s a lot!) and now it looks like boyfriend harry morton dumped her on thursday night at chateau marmont on sunset – can you get anymore dramatic? apparently she was spotted in tears (weeping with a ‘wad’ of tissues and her trusty cell) and don’t forget she has people like jane fonda & rosie o’donnell on her back about ‘burning the candle at both ends’ – plus she was also recently spotted doing some sorta crazy dance in the street – this is a girl on the verge of a nervous breakdown! (luckily she has rehab drink by her side)

the scan below is from this week’s STAR magazine and i didn’t think much about it (until news of the breakup hit) supposedly paris hilton was dancing all sexy in front of harry at hollywood hotspot hyde on sept 14th…a source told the magazine (this is too funny people!) when paris’ song ‘stars are blind’ played, she looked into harry’s eyes and mouthed the lyrics, ‘baby i’m perfect for you!’ it sounds like mr. morton is over all of lohan’s drama so i doubt he would want to get wrapped up in any hilton drama – and do all roads always lead back to ms. hilton? surely we can’t blame her for everything – that’s too much credit for one dumb blonde! anyways i’m done for tonight – and looking forward to two days off from the day job…popbytes over & out – xxoo!

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