parker + fidel & etc.

hey all – wow what a week! i’m drained – i so need the weekend to re-energize – still reeling from seeing brokeback mountain last night – gosh it was so excellent – the more i think on it the more i like it – i’m hoping to snag a picture of me & jake….stay tuned on that front…anyways – i’m watching some re-runs of the comeback over on HBO – gosh i so miss our dear valerie cherish it pains me that we won’t see more of her!

i am also thinking of my dear friend ms. christienne (aka cwbullgoddess) – she is such a cool gal – i just love her to pieces – she was a co-worker of mine over at my daily grind job (yes popbytes needs to make a living!) – and she always made the day all the more sunnier here in hollywood – so now she is moving on – getting married to her awesome fiance mr. chris (such a cool guy!) – and moving to good ol’ tennessee – i am so happy for them both – they bought a whole ranch set-up just about 30 miles outside nashville – and i do intend to visit – BUT the good part is – i am going to be dog sitting for her before the big move – she has two adorable dogs – elphie and washi – i’m happy to spend some time with her dogs plus it insures i get to see her some more before she leaves los angeles – oh she is on to bigger & better things…

oh ms. christienne – you don’t even know – i have so appreciated your warmth, humor & love – you have such a good soul and i have really appreciated all yr kind words & inspiration regarding popbytes and what i am striving to attain here – i am so going to miss you ‘dorothy’ – much love and good wishes for you and chris – i know you guys are gonna rock those plans of yours – and we will remain in touch – and dude i am so coming to nashville to check in about that hinkus of yours (very private joke) – i love you cwads!

popbytes out for now – i have included a very recent picture below of my two dogs – parker & fidel – gosh i love those dogs and wanted to share my babes with you all – here is to this spooky weekend! xxoo

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