Patricia Heaton sounds just lovely

Patricia Heaton

I’m not sure if you heard about this, but there’s this little debate about women’s contraception raising that could be one of those make-or-break moments for sexual liberation. Maybe you’ve been following it. We can’t, because we’re a gossip blog, so covering a serious issue would sort of be like if Sesame Street hosted a roundtable discussion on nuclear proliferation: It’s not that we can’t, it’s just that we need to try and maintain something of a steady tone here. Anyway, Patricia Heaton, who you might recognize as the joyless shrew on every sitcom ever, decided to get in the debate by publicly slut-shaming Sandra Fluke, and much like Rush Limbaugh before her, was promptly raked over the coals by the public before apologizing on Twitter:

Just caught up on all the debater re Ms. Fluke’s testimony. Mea culpa! We have diff opinions but I was too flippant in my attempt at humor.

re @SandraFluke Mea culpa Sandra! Wasn’t being respectful 2 u re my tweets as I hope people wd b w/me. Don’t like you being dissed -so sorry

Tweatons: Finally heard all the commentary. I crossed the line w/@SandraFluke. Don’t agree w/her views, but I was not showing Christ’s love.

Well, considering that Jesus hung out with prostitutes and treated them like people and only really spoke out against hypocrites pharisees, then yeah, I’d say you weren’t exactly being Christly, no. In fact, I’d almost say that you were being … oh, what’s that word again … hypocritical? Oh yes, that’s it, hypocritical. That thing Jesus spoke out against? Yeah, that.

Patricia Heaton

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