patrick dempsey gets down to details…

oh i love eric dane aka ‘dr. mcsteamy’ (check out some recent hot pics) BUT if i was forced to pick (gosh what a fun situation to be in!) i would have to go with patrick dempsey aka ‘dr. mcdreamy’ – steamy can be fun but i think dreamy is a much better state to be in! (it’s like being in the shower vs the bed) the latest details magazine nabbed mr. dempsey as coverboy!

ok right now i’m about to admit something shocking…i haven’t been watching grey’s anatomy (which he candidly admits he’s not satisfied with) as much as i used to! i don’t like it on thursday nights for some reason – it was so perfect right after desperate housewives on sunday! i have a bunch of episodes on tivo but i’m always backed up in my viewing! below are some bits from his interview with the magazine but first skip ahead and look at his ‘oh daddy’ pics! (the magazine hits stores this tuesday) who knew that dorky guy from 89’s loverboy (i love that movie along with can’t buy me love) would turn out to be such a hunk almost twenty years later?!? popbytes over & out for tonight – xxoo!

on grey’s anatomy: “things are going well, but i’m not satisfied. i don’t think the character is going to change that much. shonda rhimes has created a great show. and i’m contributing to that and have benefited from that profoundly. and she’s benefited by being smart enough to cast me when no one else did. [it’s] been a great opportunity, but it’s not the end-all, be-all of where i want to go.”

“[grey’s] has given me so much confidence. i went through five years where i didn’t get anything from auditions. you start to thing, well, i’m not attractive, i’m not a good actor. but i never gave up. i just accepted this is who i am. i’m not george clooney, i’m not brad pitt, but i’m uniquely who i am.”

on mcdreamy vs. mcsteamy: “there’s no real competition. we’re so different. it will be interesting to see where the dynamic of that friendship goes in the show. i think the women characters are developed very well. i sometimes feel that the men get a little shortchanged. [rhimes] is writing an idealized version of what men should be.”

on making a comeback in hollywood: “i was frustrated because i was like, [my career so far] is not how i want to be known. i didn’t want [1987’s can’t buy me love] to be my legacy. [i returned thinking] ‘now i need to go slay the dragon.’ and i think [my wife] has really helped enable me to do that. she gave me the kingdom. certainly that’s why my career has turned around. i feel comfortable and stable at home.”

on his wife, jillian fink: “i’ll tell you, the last year has been the best of my marriage. it seems like we’re communicating better than we ever have.”

on his need for space: “i like to be alone a lot. i like my privacy. the older i get, the more i want to be around fewer and fewer people.”

on his love of off-road racing: “racing is something i really need in my life right now. the excitement of it calms me down, oddly enough. you’re in the car and you’re alone. it’s a complete escape from everything.”


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