penelope cruz is freakin’ gorgeous!

good evening boys & girls! tonight we’ve got actress pénelope cruz looking super gorgeous on the cover of the latest issue of W magazine – she’s always played things on the low-key side – except maybe when she was dating tom cruise (i bet she thanks her lucky stars she managed to get out of that relationship…) ms. cruz appears to be class personified and she really is stunning to look at plus she’s actually talented! pénelope has a couple of movies coming out soon including elegy and vicky cristina barcelona – directed & written by my top director of all-time woody allen (responsible for my favorite movie ever annie hall) check out the trailer below along with a few choice quotes from her interview with the magazine! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

PS i love how she’s channeling her inner liza minnelli in the second picture below – everyone has an inner liza (at least i like to think so…)

on her inner ‘monster’ “i’m always finding very tricky and hidden ways to sabotage any beautiful moment. and it’s something so internal that i don’t think even my friends or family can catch me doing it. but i catch myself doing it. i’ve had that battle since i was a little girl. it’s like, uh-oh, here it is again, the monster! go away and leave me alone!”

on facing her fears “i try not to run away from things because i’m scared of them. when you feel you have to say something to someone, and your heart starts going fast because it could be controversial, i always vote for saying it. with time, you get more at peace with it. i used to get very upset about it, and very angry at myself. but now, when it comes, i just send it away.”

on the ‘celebrity gossip mill’ “i think it’s disgusting. it’s dangerous and nasty, and bad for our society in so many ways. and it’s getting worse every day. it affects me directly, but i really believe that this culture of gossip affects our society on a much deeper level, on an ethical level. it’s what kids see and hear every day, and it will affect future generations in ways that we cannot even imagine.”

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