phantom shopping – mashup!

This week we’re gonna dip into the archives, to feature Brooklyn’s own Purple Crush. This dynamic married duo are like the Sonny & Cher of the electro-indie underground. Air Jared crafts all the infectious, Casio-hugging beats, and wife Isla makes it all sticky-sweet on the mic. With their clear affinity for all things Prince, purple, and poppin’, their debut single – ‘Shopping On The Dancefloor’ – makes for a sizzling hot 2-4-1 sale when mashed with the French-fried crunchies of ‘Phantom’ from Justice. And, it was made by Jared himself!

Listen to Phantom Shopping [.mp3 10.6mb]

Enjoy – DJ Paul V.

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PS to my LA peeps: Come join me DJing at Neon Noise at the Medusa Lounge in Silver Lake on Friday night. I’m dropping the hot electro-indie rock beats on the CD decks, and our mashup mavens Purple Crush are performing a short set live at Midnight.