pink’s illicit style & scandal

hey hey – here is something scandalous already to kick-off the week…there have been a few mentions that pink‘s latest video for the song u + ur hand had quite a similar styling & look ‘borrowed’ from the work of artist martin f. emond (the f stood for ‘fucking’) well sadly mr. emond passed away a few years ago (he committed suicide here in LA) and the company he left behind called illicit still operates down in his home country of new zealand…

apparently no one asked illicit’s permission to use marty’s art and based on the art to video comparisons below the resemblance is pretty uncanny (read their news post) obviously anyone can see it’s a blatant rip-off! well a popbytes reader (aka liltrix) from NZ is furious and it sounds like a lot of other kiwis are angry at ms. pink for having borrowed without asking! i love pink and all but you gotta admit this is all kinda shady on her part…so maybe she will have to finally give credit where it’s due…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

Some of you might have spotted the Illicit influence on the new Pink video “U + Ur Hand” Well you’d be right! Seems whoever “styled or created” the video has obviously come across our favourite son Marty Emonds artworks and “Borrowed”… Rockerbikergirl, HardCandy and Baby Redknuckles.

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