Pon De Americano Ice Cream Truck – mashup!

A couple of tracks this summer got alot of tongues wagging and butts shaking. NY’s Cazwell, who you can always count on for smile-inducing (and sweat releasing) tracks, melted his sexplicit Ice Cream Truck video all over us (and Facebook). And Australia’s Pulp Fiction-inspired Yolanda B Cool (aka Sylvester Martinez and Johnson Peterson) teamed up with producer D Cup and dropped the jazzy, oddball, yet mega chart-topping We Speak No Americano, itself a sample of a 1956 track by Renato Carasone. None of that really matters, except when you get both of these tracks, along with Major Lazer‘s Pon De Floor, all humpin’ and bumpin’ in one sexy, sticky, delicious mashup, blended by Germany’s Bambi Mashup. Lick it all up, baby!

Download Bambi Mashup‘s Pon De Americano Ice Cream Truck
[.mp3 / 6mb / right click, save link as …]

Enjoy! — DJ Paul V.

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