PopBytes does ‘The Tudors’ premiere!

hey everyone! i just got back a little while ago from the hollywood premiere of the upcoming showtime series the tudors which was literally held down the block from my apartment at the lovely egyptian theater – i was able to grab a spot along the red carpet and snap pics of the arrivals which was a total blast and i met a bunch of really cool gal reporters! (special props to carita who was super nice & friendly…always refreshing in LA!) i was going to go to the hot after party at les deux but i’ve got blogging to do yo!

below is a bunch of the pictures i snapped – i was thrilled to see eric mabius & america ferrera strolling down the red carpet from my total hands down favorite TV show at the moment ugly betty (eric hinted that his character ‘daniel’ would be going down a dark path) plus there were a bunch of others including bai ling (who was really sweet and cute in person), sam neill & gabrielle anwar (both stars of ‘the tudors’), camryn manheim, ken davitian (from ‘borat’), evan handler and others – it was quite crowded and i can’t recognize everyone!

oh my gosh…then there was the sexiest man of the evening jonathan rhys meyers who was so fucking hot in person – it was literally unbelievable – he exuded sex appeal like nobody’s business! i don’t give a shit what the real henry viii looked like – mr. meyers is the main reason i’ll be tuning into the tudors! many special thanks my pals at showtime who totally hooked me up and allowed me to cover the premiere! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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