popbytes finally sees marie antoinette!

hey kids! i can’t even begin to tell you how behind i am on watching movies (shame on me!) my netflix choices have actually collected dust! the good thing though is a line does exist (in my mind) and marie antoinette was at the very top! my good pal joey let me borrow her DVD for the weekend and last night i settled into kirsten dunst take on the one-time queen of france!

i had a feeling i’d be totally into it based on everything i read plus sofia coppola is a kick-ass director – gosh i adore the virgin suicides (one of the best soundtracks ever) which after seeing i read the book (even better) by jeffrey eugenides and fell completely in love with the twisted suburban tale (quick funny aside – i had a friend in NYC and her landlord was mr. eugenides in brooklyn and she said he was a total asshole!)

ok back to marie antoinette – in a quick nutshell – i fucking loved it! totally my type of film (my pal nathaniel from film experience named it his top film of 2006) not your typical period piece by any means – it’s stylish & indulgent – just how i like things! ms. coppola for sure made a real artsy film (the modern & way cool soundtrack absolutely works) i can see why it didn’t pull in huge dollars at the box office but for me (in my always humble opinion) the movie captured 100% of my attention (that’s a really hard thing to do!)

the film also spurred me on to do a little research on the real ms. antoinette – oh my word – in the end she lost her head…literally! kudos to everyone involved on this film – if you haven’t seen it – i totally recommend it but i wouldn’t twist your arm over it – it’s not for everyone – i’m sure you all know by know that my tastes can be a bit off beat! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS you really do learn something new everyday – today i realized that pink lemonade is just lemonade mixed a hint of grenadine – who knew?!?

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