popbytes first press junket!

hey hey! oh my word – so this morning i attended my first very press junket (in a nice fancy location too!) – which are small roundtable groups of various press outlets – interviewing talent associated with any given film – i was so super lucky to have my first junket be for such a great film that i truly admire & respect – brokeback mountain (recently reviewed here on popbytes) – the roundtables included some time with star jake gyllenhaal and director ang lee…i must admit i was quite nervous this morning – but the event was highly organized plus everyone was nice & relaxed – so there was no stress at all – phew! plus i met a couple of cool people as well (hey emily & ken) – and exchanged some good industry gossip! it was really interesting to hear and partake in banter between veterans of press and newbies like me – i think we all could have talked about movies for hours – by the time i left i really thought it was all in all a great experience – and to listen to jake and ang talk about the film in such a small intimate setting was the best!

jake was very professional and yes very cute in person (he sat three chairs away from me!) i could tell he is quite proud of this film and doesn’t seem concerned about how some parts of the country will react to the film – it is what it is – in the end will be very interesting to see how it fares when the film hits theaters next month – he mentioned how he really jumped on the role when ang lee took on the role of directing this short story to film…i would have done the same thing! before he left the room he was nice enough to autograph a copy of donnie darko that someone had brought with them!

mr. lee is one of my favorite directors (the ice storm – love it!) – ang was very soft spoken yet very thoughtful and obviously quite intelligent – i was really impressed – he really emphasized that in directing this film he wanted to stay true to the original material and honor annie proulx’s words in her ground breaking tale of love – and she is very happy with how the film turned out – obviously a big relief on ang’s part – next on my list is to pick up a copy of that and read it – i think that will be a really great piece to add to my enjoyment of this film!

it’s really quite crazy to think i am now able to participate in some press type stuff based on popbytes (especially since popbytes isn’t your mom’s press!) – i have put my heart and soul into this site – i try my best to make this site rock and keep y’all coming back for more – the funny thing is before starting this site – i hated to write – college papers were a nightmare for me – i just loathed it plus i never thought i was any good at it – i’m not saying i’m a stellar writer now – but i have for sure sharpened my skills over the past two years (some of my first posts here on popbytes are shameful!) – but a blog allows me to break some rules here & there (like my overuse of ampersands and the word ‘really’) – and i keep it very conversational rather than trying to be all academic and proper about things – so bear with me people – and keep on coming back! i can’t even believe tomorrow is monday – ugh! anyways love to all – popbytes over & out! xxoo

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