popbytes had 30 seconds to blog!

good evening y’all! oh what a day it has been by me – there’s a long story but all is ok! so remember last week i was all ‘nervous’ about doing something – well i was asked by the good folks from AOL to appear in their 30 seconds to blog segment which runs in the DL (music. pop. indie rock. comedy. a web show from AOL music.) i was given a few topics to possibly discuss and so i showed up and just ran with a couple of things – my rant on courtney love (of course i had to promote my dear ms. love) went live this week and i was dying to see how it came out (i didn’t want to mention it until i saw it) overall i’m totally happy with it! i had a blast doing it and for the most part i was quite comfortable all up in front of the camera! so please check out my segment! (it’s also embedded below) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo! (special thanks to my blogger pal stephen from eton boys for the plugging my appearance)

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