popbytes is callin’ em HATCHREST

ugh i almost couldn’t deal with this at all – i have a crush on ryan seacrest and i don’t really mind teri hatcher but the thought of them together is totally grossing me out! so i wanted to come up with a nickname – i’m sure others will be coined as well but i really do like HATCHREST and if you say it like hatch-rest – it becomes two words – ms. teri resting her hatch (or beard…) on mr. seacrest – oh good times! i highly doubt this will go anywhere – it seems so set-up and very weird – anyways i just had to get the name HATCHREST out there into the blogosphere…popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

PS leave a comment – yea or nay on the new petname for our two love birds…


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