popbytes loved ‘year of the dog’

hey hey hey! oh my gosh i’m all backed up on my posts – i had an overall awesome day but lordy it was a busy one! (i feel a heavy sleep coming oh so soon) last night i had the chance to screen the upcoming film from the clever & genius mind of mike white called year of the dog (i posted the trailer a few weeks back) it’s a simple tale of ‘peggy’ played brilliantly by the always hilarious molly shannon who has the seemingly perfect life until she loses her dog ‘pencil’ to accidental toxic poisoning (so sad) which starts her on a journey of finding out who she really is – while discovering her passion for animals and their rights! ms. shannon’s performance was perfect…a total transformation from beginning to end as she first heads to extremes but then finds hope & happiness in moderation and balance! (that’s the key to everything – balance – seriously!)

you might think this film is your typical romantic comedy but it’s way far from that – i really enjoyed the film which totally struck a chord with me – very smart filled with great bits of dark humor and of course anything to do with animals i’m totally down with! plus the supporting cast including cutie peter sarsgaard, laura dern, john c reilly, and regina king is amazing! the film opens on april 13th but no worries – i’ll be posting more on the film before then – when i find something i love i totally run with it! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

» watch clips from year of the dog clip 1 | clip 2 (.mov)

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