popbytes loves a good cat fight!

hey kids! last night i was saying we needed a new fun scandal along the lines of denise richards & heather locklear but for right now i’ll take the latest drama featured in this week’s issue of STAR magazine between my favorite gal katherine heigl & kate walsh who both star in grey’s anatomy (at least there’s no one dead or in rehab involved in this story)

i’ve already fessed up to the fact that i’m about eight episodes behind! (i still hate the fact the show moved from sunday to thursday) my tivo list is literally a wasteland of ‘anatomy’ along with csi (i only do the original las vegas version) i don’t have anything against red head walsh but gosh i just adore ms. heigl who simply rocks…hollywood needs more outspoken actresses like her – she’s totally the real deal and you can tell she’s a good person – and hello…she’s fucking gorgeous!

plus i’ll admit to having a major crush on her boyfriend sexy music man josh kelley – such a cutie! basically all the drama boils down to the supposed upcoming spin-off starring ms. walsh – i think they need to calm themselves down – we don’t need a new show as quick as they’re trying to put one out! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

the latest trouble started recently after grey’s producer shonda rhimes announced that walsh’s character, sexy surgeon dr. addison shepherd, might be getting her own spin-off series next season. a test episode of the new drama, co-starring taye diggs, will air during may sweeps period. the announcement was a tribute to grey’s success: now in its third season, the series is so hot that its ratings recently beat american idol with a whopping 25 million viewers! but the other actors, especially heigl, 28, were less than thrilled.

“part of it is jealousy that kate was chosen over her,” says the insider. but part of it, another source explains, is that kate, who was asked by producers not to discuss the impending deal with her co-workers, didn’t tell katherine about it herself. “they’d been sharing everything,” the source says. “so finding out that kate was swinging a star-making, sweetheart deal for herself, and not filling katherine in on it? that left katherine’s feelings bruised.” in return, kate was hurt, too! “she felt that katherine should have been happy for her success, instead of turning green with envy.”

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