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good evening! gosh i love my thursday nights – usually it’s a night when i can relax a bit and post on something completely random – i do try to shake things up here on popbytes! (there’s only so much lohan, hilton, and spears one can take in a single day!) over the past few weeks i’ve been having a small peter gabriel affair/revival going on (i think first kicked off when i posted about sinead o’connor a few weeks ago) i’ve always loved him (i totally had a minor crush on him when i was younger – lordy he was so cute back in the day – and doesn’t look so bad for an older guy (age 57) these days!) i don’t have a ton of favorite male artists (everyone knows i’m all about the ladies) when asked which guys i like best i reply prince & peter gabriel – both are tops for me!

besides possessing an amazing and haunting voice along with pure music talent (who doesn’t love solsbury hill?!?) mr. gabriel has always had innovative & cool videos (way ahead of their time) so over the weekend i headed over to amoeba down on sunset blvd and picked up play the videos – which features twenty-three videos along with bonuses & extras galore! for some reason i had never seen the ‘official’ video for his smash hit in your eyes…i’ve posted it below – along w/ a couple of other great peter clips! his website also has a number of videos available for free viewing! then just today i came across a picture of him performing over in italy on july 3rd (posted at the very bottom) once i saw the pic i knew i’d have to do a full on post about him!

oh my word – i’d love to see peter in concert someday – it must be an incredible experience (please chime in with a comment if you have!) shame on me for never having seen him play live! so there you have it – i felt a mr. gabriel post coming on and today it came to the surface! i love posting on stuff i love – and didn’t get pitched on! much love to all as always – it still freaks me out to think people are actually reading my silly little blog! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

in your eyes here comes the flood live

blood of eden w/ sinead o’connor another day ’79 TV special w/ kate bush

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