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hey hey! it’s friday! woo hoo! and i just had to tell you about a new fall show that to be honest i really had no intention to watch – but caught it last friday on a whim (the same show re-airs tonight!) – and i fell in love with it! it’s called reunion and it concerns a group of friends that graduated high school in 1986 and from that point on the show will uncover 20 years of crazy and scandalous secrets & lies (btw i so love mike leigh) week by week – all leading up to a present day funeral (someone was murdered! by who and by whom??? wild!) – told mainly through flashbacks – i was instantly hooked to the story as well as the music – i was in the 4th grade in 1986 – so it took me back (oh papa don’t preach) – i HIGHLY recommend watching this show tonight for the 1986 episode – next week a new episode airs – yes you guessed it – 1987 – on its normal schedule it will air right after the OC which i just can’t get into – sorry folks – sad but oh so true – but do watch reunion – popbytes out for now…xxxo

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REUNION marks a groundbreaking concept in series television as it chronicles the lives of a group of six friends over the course of 20 years — all in just one season. Part character drama and part murder mystery, REUNION tells stories of love and loss, marriage and death, triumph and scandal as it depicts both the hopes and dreams of 18-year-olds as well as the realities that mark those lives two decades later.

WILL (Will Estes) longs to leave his small town behind. Aided by an athletic scholarship, he is the first in his family to go to college. CRAIG (Sean Faris), handsome and privileged, looks forward to the Ivy League with his girlfriend, SAMANTHA (Alexa Davalos), whose ambition is surpassed only by her looks and intelligence. The beautiful JENNA (Amanda Righetti) dreams of becoming an actress, and behind his cynicism, AARON (Dave Annable) dreams that his relationship with Jenna will go beyond friendship. CARLA (Chyler Leigh), innocent and quirky, must choose between loyalty to her father and staying near her best friends.

REUNION opens in the present day at the funeral of one of the friends, whose death is being investigated by DETECTIVE MARJORINO (Mathew St. Patrick). Before the identity of the deceased is revealed, we’re transported back to 1986, as the group is celebrating their high school graduation.

The pilot episode follows all six through the summer of 1986, and we witness the formative events that alter their dreams and desires forever. Episode two finds the group a full year later, in 1987; episode three tells the story of a seminal event in 1988, and so on – culminating in the season finale as the friends celebrate their 20th high school reunion.

REUNION also will build toward answering two important questions raised in episode one: Which of the friends is dead? And who is responsible for that death?

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