PopBytes loves winners!

hey kids! it’s time to check in with some popbytes contests/updates/news galore!

• scooby-doo update!

oh my gosh that contest was so fun! and winner sam (read her winning entry!) sent me the most adorable picture of her daugher (see below!) with the big cute prize – and notice that hot popbytes card in her little hand! wow! love the advertisement – love sam – and love that picture! that girl is gonna be a superstar! so glad popbytes can help put smiles on faces of young children everywhere!

• harry potter giveaway!

congrats to lunamlupin! they won the harry potter giveaway i recently ran here – hope everyone caught the movie on ABC this past saturday! oh we love that potter boy!

• george lopez

a brand new giveaway is coming tomorrow! popbytes is such a busy boy – but it will be up at some point tomorrow! same deal as last time – enter your email address in my subscribe box at top! more details tomorrow – but if your a george lopez fan you may want to enter…

• mikalah gordon

remember that funny girl from american idol well as i walked home from work – i spotted her with her mom and sister (right on hollywood blvd!) – very cute in person – but much shorter than expected – twas a fun random spotting – didn’t feel the need to accost her with tales of popbytes…

• banners!

oh popbytes was so busy trying to program the banners at the top! each time you come – a new banner will appear- i have about 6 in the que – i’m not getting paid for any of them – i’m just supporting things i think worthy…phew! ppopbytes out for now – oh i hate these mondays!

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