popbytes on the aviator

hey kids – oh it was a busy weekend! i had my folks in from back east – so i have been hanging out with them the past days and had a blast – and of course when me and my mom get together – we love to go to the movies – and of course drag my dad along – so we went over to the grove @ the farmers market and caught a saturday afternoon screening of the aviator – and it was so sold out – every seat was taken – but being early we nabbed great seats w/ an aisle spot for me and got settled for the long seated journey ahead…

i will say overall i enjoyed it – leonardo dicaprio was excellent as eccentric tycoon howard hughes – the story of hughes is quite thrilling – and quite a good representation of the typical ‘american dream’ – BUT at almost 3 hrs long – it could have been a bit shorter – and it seemed to drag in some parts – a lot more artsy than i expected – and it made me want to know more about hughes – and would have liked some more details included in the film but i know scorcese will for sure nab the oscar for best director – but i don’t think it’s his best film – i still love good fellas & taxi driver – but i hope he gets it for his body of work – he is one of my favorite directors – also excellent was cate blanchett – as fiery katherine hepburn who was always quite the pant wearing pip in real life – blanchett captured her attitude and spirit impecabbly – and god bless alan alda what a great actor – he was excellent as the smarmy senator from maine who tried to bring down hughes and his empire – i do hope that alda captures his first oscar when all the fun goes down in two weeks!

yes two weeks! they are going to start closing roads all over hollywood/highland – i say it feels like im in lockdown! and if you haven’t checked out all the nominees and other oscar fun on the web – please check it all out at oscar.com – i know i still have to see just one more nominated best picture – million dollar baby – but right now – i’m still thinking sideways is my personal choice for best picture – anyways – i will be back tomorrow night – with some dish on the grammys – what was up with the spanish novella duet with jennifer lopez and hubby marc anthony? that set was so odd – it was just terrible i thought – a bad spanish soap opera – ok im outtie for now!

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