popbytes says hello!

hey folks! just wanted to say hello this friday! its been a crazy week – the site was down all day on thursday – which totally freaked me out but methinks all is ok now! so i wanted to say hello to anyone who might be coming across popbytes for the first time! i started this site/blog in sept o’ 2003 – i didn’t have any clue what i was doing – and i still don’t but i so love this pop ride – i used to have this complete fear/loathing of writing – and by making popbytes what it is today has so helped me get over that – i know i don’t always write/post ‘perfect’ but i so enjoy putting myself out there – i just got so sick of just talking about all this pop shit – why not make a record of it? why not make it a blog? a la popbytes so thanks to all those who come all the time – traffic consistently increases – and i can’t stop the music now! so don’t worry – i’m here to stay – and i can’t wait to see what the future has in store for popbytes – much much much love to all and any – mk xxoo!

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MK (Michael Knudsen) first started PopBytes back in September of 2003—while trying to make a website for his design portfolio, the site quickly turned into one of the premiere online destinations for all things pop culture! A native New Yorker, he currently resides in Los Angeles with his partner Ivan along with four dogs, four cats and two parrots. Follow him on Twitter @PopBytes.