predictions for globes

hey kids! popbytes turns 29 today! phew! (yes im a proud capricorn – the lone pop goat!) and it’s sunny as hell in hollywood – and warm (hi 70’s lo 80’s) – it’s like i’m a july baby all of a sudden! i do love it! and i know they planned the golden globes to be on my birthday – it so just made perfect sense! and although i should be off the computer – i wouldn’t have it any other way – i do love the globes – they have kinda grown on me the past few years – a little bit more casual and fun than the oscars (i’m sure for the celebs too – at least they get to eat and drink to pass the often dragging chunk o’ time) – and they also include awards for TV shows (fingers crossed for nip/tuck to nab best drama!) – so it’s just an all around good time – the build up is always better than the payoff – but that’s just life most times…

and this year – it’s not just my birthday and the globes – but it’s also the triumphant return to the ‘red carpet’ with those wacky but oh so lovable ladies – joan rivers and daughter melissa who will slice & dice the fashion with those sharp-witted tongues as it strolls down the red carpet – and this time for TV GUIDE – rather than E! (who has starr jones – who cares what she thinks? i’m sure execs at E! are kicking themselves) – and i think this could be the push that TV GUIDE channel needs to establish itself as a true rival to E! – should be interesting – joan said there were no rules yet – and she promises to inquire about the real-life ‘nip/tuck’ status of all five desperate housewives – i can’t wait to see teri hatcher – she is my fave gal of wisteria lane…ah miss susan!

below are my predictions – based on many things – the one i’m rooting for the most is sideways to nab ‘best comedy or musical’ – i simply loved it – tis just a small ‘slice o’ life) movie that says so much – funny, touching, and smart – i highly recommend you all get yr asses out to the movies! ray is probably it’s strongest competition – but i still argue that it really isn’t a comedy or musical – so we shall see – but alas keep checking back tonight as i will mark off the winners and provide any ‘off the cuff’ commentary you have come to expect from popbytes! ok now where is that birthday cake? popbytes out for now!



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