pump up the convoy – fun mashup!

hey hey! i’ve been trying to rest up for my scissor sisters concert tonight – gosh i feel so guilty when i don’t post a lot – so please forgive me! but of course it’s thursday which means it’s mashup time and my dear DJ paul v. picked out something really fun and a drop silly this week – i’ had never heard this ‘convoy’ song…it made me want to go & take a road trip! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!


This week, I wanted to get a little silly on y’all and give you a double flashback in the process. In the 70’s, C.W. McCall‘s Convoy was a massive AM radio hit, and spawned the fad of CB radios across the USA – sort of the mobile internet of its day? OK, that’s a stretch, but here mixer DJ Clivester keeps it truckin’ with the jammin’ 80’s beats of M/A/R/R/SPump Up The Volume. 10-4, buddy!

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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