pussycats gone to heaven (pixies vs. PCD)

good morning! it’s already thursday and that means another mashup selection from my pal DJ paul v. – featuring pussycat dolls and pixies (who to be honest – i’m not all that familiar with…shame on me – i know!) as far as PCD is concerned their new album doll domination dropped earlier this week – there’s a couple of hot tracks but overall i must say their first album is way better! i think on this album they got a little over ambitious (16 tracks plus a bonus disc w/ 5 more solo tracks from each of the dolls is pushing it) anyways enjoy the mashup below – popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

I’ve probably mentioned at one point or another that I’m an ex-Bostonian, and we take our hometown rock bands very seriously. No other band makes us Beantowners prouder than the almighty Pixies, and it’s sure a rarity when a great mashup features them. Even if the new Pussycat Dolls‘ CD is getting some lukewarm reviews, those girls are smart enough to enlist producers with the dopest beats. And when you need a mixer who digs the alt rock as much as the cheese pop, chances are his name is DJ Lobsterdust, always a fave over here at Popbytes. Thus, here’s a mash that’s as fun as a barrel full of heavenly monkeys. Check the video too on youtube!

Listen to DJ Lobsterdust – Pussycats Gone To Heaven [.mp3 4.6mb]

Enjoy – DJ Paul V.

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