quick & random thoughts – the 59th emmy awards

hey hey! as i mentioned earlier – here are a few quick & random thoughts on tonight’s 59th annual emmy awards! overall the show wasn’t that bad – as with most award shows i was hooked in the beginning and then i slowly lost interest over time…i did have to swap out some of the water in my fish tank (three weeks and counting with no dead fish…woo hoo!)

1 – this year the shows aired on FOX and that was totally apparent once cutie host ryan seacrest hit the theater in the round set-up! oh my gosh – i had american idol flashbacks – and then they opened with that whole family guy musical sequence – of course it’s totally time to pimp out the new fall schedule!

2 – who else loved the awkward moment between ryan seacrest & teri hatcher at the beginning?!? don’t forget last year we saw them locking lips

3 – i think terry o’quinn (who plays ‘locke’) is hot and looked adorable in his pink shirt & black sequined tie! i swear i’m going to watch seasons 2 & 3 of lost so i can join in the fun of season #4 which i believe doesn’t kick off until january!

4 – every time i see julia louis-dreyfus i can’t help but think – oh there’s the ‘lady’ who stole valerie cherish‘s emmy last year (she took home best lead comedy actress beating out lisa kudrow…ugh!)

5 – paula abdul is still with her boyfriend j.t. torregiani

6 – did you all hear that lady announcer mispronounced katherine heigl‘s name? ms. heigl was quick to correct her – gosh she’s stunningly gorgeous (and i have a huge crush on her sexy musician fiancee josh kelly)

7 – haven’t we seen christina aguilera & tony bennett perform together before? i feel like those two have been milking ‘stepping out’ for a long time – for sure she was stepping out with her baby – looking glowing & pregnant in her pink gown!

8 – oh my word! kyra sedgwickglenn closemary-louise parker! all presenting together – they’re all totally fierce and i adore each of their respective shows! (especially damages!)

9 – ok for the record elaine stritch fucking rocks!

10 – ryan seacrest dressed as a tudor does absolutely nothing for me! give me jonathan rhys-meyers or give me death!

11 – kayne west was at the emmys?!? (no sight of britney spears…)

12 – i do love watching the amazing race but don’t you think five emmys in a row is a little much for one show?!? i say give someone else a chance!

13 – omg – i love legendary actress sally field and although i’m not a fan of brothers & sisters at least she has been saved from dealing with those darn boniva commercials! and what the hell did she say that got totally censored for about 10-15 seconds?!? it was obviously a curse filled rant on the war in iraq – i’m glad she thought to speak her mind and not worry about what everyone else thought…

14 – go america ferrera for her win as best comedic lead actress in my fave show ugly betty – she’s way adorable and her character ‘betty suarez’ rules!

15 – james spader is such a kooky guy but an incredible actor – i need to get back to watching boston legal – this past season i totally lost touch with the show :(

16 – even though i’m bummed ugly betty lost for best comedy – i am thrilled tina fey and her team took home the award for 30 rock – another one of my favorite shows! thirty minutes of pure comedic bliss!

17 – of course the show ran over three hours – and helen mirren quickly dished out the award to the sopranos for best drama – i was never into the show but it seemed like a give-in they would take home the emmy – although none of the actors took home any awards this evening!

so that’s about all i got for tonight – i’m pretty beat and of course i’ve got to get up and deal with the good times that tomorrow will certainly bring! popbytes over & out – much love to all as always…xxoo!


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