jess simpson is getting a sitcom on ABC – could be cool – a la – kelly ripa – altho i love her (AND I LOVE KATHI LEE TOO) BUT she is in serious risk of being over exposed! girlfriend best watch her back


FINALLY i mention that i have been watching this show for about 12 years now – and you know what its been on since like 1965 – and i fucking like continuity (TWIN PEAKS brilliant BUT cancelled) this show will be on forever – and right now with the salem ‘serial killer’ storyline – things are heating up – days is killing long time cast members – and gosh its REFRESHING – no one ever dies here – but now the body count is fast and furious – i only watch this one soap – altho i know more than most people on every soap – i grew up watching GUIDING LIGHT and AS THE WORLD TURNS – i think also ALL MY CHILDREN (go ABC with that whole erika’s daughter being a lesbian) but DAYS is pure plain fun – and a guilty pleasure – 1pm on NBC –
watching LEGALLY BLONDE 2 and MATRIX RELOADED – will fill you all in asap!

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